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Intra-reputation: Galicians July 1, 2010

Posted by espainisdifferent in Culture, Society and Media.

In most of the countries on Earth the different peoples from the different regions and cities have reputations which constitute the collective mind and identity of each country.  And Spain was not to be different. I will begin from the North-West to N-E, to move afterwards to the Centre and finishing with the South. I will write a series about how we think of each other in Spain and which are various reputations of the regions.

The first region in this series is Galicia. Galicia has  given many important figures to the country. Probably, the most famous is Francisco Franco, the dictator who ruled the country for almost 40 years. It is not something to be proud of, but this is a fact. Galician people are famous for many reasons. A very large percentage of the Spanish emigration came from Galicia.

Galicians earned a reputation of being hard-workers who moved where necessary to seek fortune. Many of them succeeded in their enterprise and are wealthy business men. In Argentina, for instance, we Spaniards are called “Gallegos”. This was due to the large number of Galicians who emigrated to the South-American country in the 20th century. If I had to find example of similar kind of emigrants I can think of Polish today and Irish and Portuguese in the past. Where I am from, Castile, I heard from the elder that in the past Galicians came from their poor area to Castile to collect the harvest and that they were outstanding hard-workers. Let’s note that the richest man in Spain is Amancio Ortega, who owns Inditex and subsequently brands like Zara.

Galicians are also famous for speaking in a very honeyed way and answering questions with more questions. This is a very distinctive trait of Galician people. Franco was described as a very ambiguous person. The current leader of the opposition, the conservative Mariano Rajoy, is famous for his ambiguity -you don’t know if he is going or coming-.

Lately, Galicians are gaining a reputation for something not as nice, drug consumers and traffickers. The Galician Mafia uses to make business with the Colombian drug traffickers what has finally infested the Galician society. Sadly enough, they are renowned for this reason.

Finally they have one of the best culinary in a country where food is religion, especially their seafood.


1. tarotworldtour - September 21, 2012

Thank you for a lot of this context. I am attracted to this area due to the weather there. I had heard that there was a huge drug traffic issue there but had no other means of finding out the temperament of the culture. Thank you and perhaps see you there! -‘tarotworldtour’

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