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Spanish humour: the art of exaggeration February 5, 2011

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Every country and every place in this world has a very particular way to joke and express humour. For instance, British humour is famous for a skillful use of sarcasm and irony. The American, if we attend to what the US movies show, is witty and a bit crazy. Spanish humour is the result of a mix of sarcasm, irony and exaggeration, being sometimes grotesque. For me it is very funny! But I am Spanish so may be it does not work for you.

Perhaps, the best way to find out is watching a selection of videos from Youtube with English subtitles that I have specially made for the readers of Espain Is Different.

– Celebrities of the World (By the guys of the programme Muchachada Nui)

All the celebrities represented speak with a very particular village accent from the region of La Mancha.

Bono (U2)

Margaret Thatcher


– Que Vida Mas Triste

Some guys from the Basque Country started to make amateur homour videos and uploading them on the Internet. Today they are famous. It is basically about loosers.

– Crackovia


1. Eddy - January 2, 2015

Thanks for putting these together. I have just started to learn Spanish so the subs were really useful. Thatcher made me cry with laughter. Gracias. Eddy

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